#HowNSAgs – Keigan & Nadia Levy

We have a growing little family that lives and breathes agriculture. My husband Keigan grew up on his family’s dairy farm (Arnel Levy & Sons) and attended NSAC and obtained his Diploma of Business Management in Dairy Farming.  He will be taking over the business as the 3rd generation successor. 

I (Nadia) have also grown up on a family dairy farm located here in the valley. I attended NSAC and obtained a Diploma of Business Management in Agriculture. I worked on my family’s farm for many years before taking a whole new agricultural shift to the wine industry. I worked at a few different wineries and managed Mercator Vineyards before leaving that role to focus more on our growing family. Recently I’ve tapped into the cider industry and worked with Annapolis Cider Co.

We have two young boys, Issac (20 months) and our newest addition Aiden, who is only two months old. As you can imagine I’m a busy mama!

Our dairy farm is called Arnel Levy & Sons Farm Ltd. and we are located in Black River, Annapolis Valley. We milk around 225 Holstein cows and manage 375 additional animals including dry cows, heifers and calves. We crop about 850 acres in total, strictly for feed for our animals.

Our main goals for our farm would be to improve cow comfort and health, increase milk production, improve farm profitability and acquire more land for further use for feed.

Given the fact that we’ve both grown up in agriculture, we couldn’t imagine being a part of anything else. Agriculture is progressive, diverse, and unpredictable which challenges us to adapt, work harder and be smarter. It enables us to appreciate the enormous amount of effort to sustain it and makes it even more rewarding to experience it firsthand. 

Our advice to young farmers and young adults would be to have a positive mindset and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. There are many challenges in all areas of agriculture, but keeping a level head and surrounding yourself with support will help the difficult times become easier.